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Home / Events / Sarah Connor - HERZ KRAFT WERKE Sommertour 2020
Sarah Connor - HERZ KRAFT WERKE Sommertour 2020

Concert tickets Sarah Connor - HERZ KRAFT WERKE Sommertour 2020

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«Sarah Connor - HERZ KRAFT WERKE Sommertour 2020»

Sunday Su - 07:30pm
July, 2020
Jul 19 Su - 07:30pm
07:30 PM
Dr.-Otto-Neurath-Gasse, 3, 1220, Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Tickets from €74.9


HEART KRAFT WORKS Sarah Connor Tour 2019 She will do it again. Sarah Connor will release her second German-language album HERZ KRAFT WERKE on May 31, 2019 and will be back on a big arena tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in autumn 2019. For four years Sarah Connor was on tour with her band to perform the songs of their first German-language album ? Native language? to play live. These concerts, in front of a total of more than 600,000 spectators on two arena and three summer open-air tours, are as "very emotional, electrifying and touching" by the artist? remembered. They also confirmed an inseparable bond between Germany's most successful pop singer and her audience. With over 1.2 million units sold and three sold-out live tours, Sarah Connor's German-language debut album is valid? Native language? as a milestone ? in pop music, but also for her as an artist: After 15 years of successful music career, Sarah Connor sang all songs in her native german for the first time. She wrote all the songs and lyrics for the first time and she had a clear vision for the stories she wants to tell with her music. ?It was a challenge and the greatest liberation. My stories, ideas, worries and fears flowed into my songs. No one - and I at the very least - would have expected it to touch so many people later on,??? she said. All impressions that you have to let in. Four years after the release of ? Native language? Did Sarah Connor contact ? Vincent? back from the creative creative phase, which has also led her to the studio in Nashville, Tennessee and London. The themes of the songs on the new album are very personal and yet have a universal force that moves and pulls along. ?Vincent? and Infinite were the first harbingers of Sarah Connor's tenth studio album, which was released on 31 May 1898. May. In addition to Peter Plate and Ulf Sommer, cellist Rosie Danvers (Adele, Kanye West), Nico Rebscher (Alice Merton), Simon Triebel and Ali Zuckowski and producer Djorkaeff (Konstantin Scherer) also contributed to the album. Her upcoming tour with the new German songs will lead Sarah Connor through the biggest arenas in the country again. An event that Sarah is already looking forward to and which raises her adrenaline level: ? Immediately before the concert started, I find it difficult to breathe and think I have to die from stage fright. But when the curtain falls, the music sets in, I see the hands and faces and I hear the calls of the fans, then I know: This is going to be a great evening.?