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Lime Cordiale

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«Lime Cordiale»

Wednesday We - 09:00pm
June, 2020
Jun 3 We - 09:00pm
09:00 PM
Praterstern, 5, 1020, Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Tickets from €25.4


Lime Cordiale apparently never want to end their tour and travel further and further around the world to bring their summer-fresh songs live to the enthusiastic people. Fits the title of her record: ? Permanent Vacation?. The brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach are with their indie-pop so to speak on a permanent beach holiday in the clubs of this world and simply do not stop there. Every now and then a single is recorded, otherwise concerts are played. For May/June, the Australians have confirmed four more shows to make the early summer even more beautiful. Together with their crew ? Felix Bornholdt on the Keys, James Jennings on drums and Nick Polovineo on trombone and guitar ? they have redefined the re-sitting and having fun. Coolness and self-ironic attitude rarely sounded as broad and beautiful as here. Every now and then the siblings work on the second album and continue on journeys around the world.