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    Vienna, + 50 km
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    Bülent Ceylan - Luschtobjekt

    Bülent Ceylan - Luschtobjekt

    Marx Halle
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    Schedule «Bülent Ceylan - Luschtobjekt»

    Sunday Sunday-6:30pm
    Oct, 2020
    6:30 PM
    Marx Halle  ?
    Karl-Farkas-Gasse, 19, 1030, Vienna, Vienna, Austria
    Tickets from €42.90


    From the ? Generation Instagram? learning, means learning to win! That's why BÜLENT shows its audience not the cold shoulder, but the shaved chest. Bülent makes himself a LUSCHTOBJEKT! Optics instead of content, nipples instead of Nietzsche! Cabaret prizes have to wait. Bülent serves as A LUSCHTOBJEKT all conceivable genders and preferences: osmanophile Electoral Palatinate-Lover, long-haired fetishists or lovers of big noses and small beards... at BÜLENT everyone packs the woolly! And those who find intelligence sexy will of course also go home satisfied. But BÜLENT not only makes himself a LUSCHTOBJEKT in his 11th live program, he also makes fun of luscht objects. About his own (women's feet and gum frogs) and about those of other people. Because today everything can obviously be a LUSCHTOBJEKT:Cars, shoes, smartphones... there are even people who love nuclear power stations. Even gods are objectophilic! And because the thunder god THOR is famously a native of Mannheim, he reveals at BÜLENT world-exclusive and for the first time where, when and how the hammer hangs with him. That will be ludiful, promised! Photo: S-Promotion